Malign tumors of the ovaries


Detailed information of the clinical anatomy of the ovaries, the epidemiology of ovarian cancer, its etiology, risk factors, pathogenesis, metastasis, classification by stages, diagnosis, treatment, result and prognosis, in addition that epithelial, stromal, germ cell tumors of ovaries, borderline and Krukenberg tumors, sitoreduction procedure and etc. are provided in the textbook intended for who studies at medical universities. The textbook is illustrated with numerous pictures, tables and graphs, also reflects the latest achievements of science.

Not only medical students, but also oncologists, specialists engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of oncogynecological diseases, doctors and PhD students can use the textbook.



Ahliman Amiraslanov

Abuzar Gaziyev

Akbar Ibrahimov



Jamila Gurbanova -  doctor of medicine, professor

Leyla Rzaguliyeva -  doctor of medicine, professor


Literary editor

Aygun Hasanova


Editors and designers

Camaldin Isayev and Turan Khalilov HTX


Copy editors

Leyla Gasimova, Fidan Novruzova, Turkan Novruzova, Asim Arazov, Elmdar Ibrahimli





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